How to stay motivated for Spring Break

Do you ever feel your motivation draining because spring break is so close? Well, you're not the only one. As soon as something more fun comes along, the work you need to get done in order to get there, seems too much and not worth it. With Spring break only a few weeks away, it feels as though it can not get here soon enough. In the mean time you have 2 papers due, 3 tests, and a few quizzes between you and that week of stress-free relaxation. Here are a few tips to get through the next few weeks with high motivation and keep you on track to getting that 4.0 GPA you deserve. 

Tip #1: Add New Things To Your Study Routine
Since we are a few weeks into this semester and nothing really seems new and exciting anymore, it's hard to keep wanting to do the same things over and over. Once you do something enough times, the newness and fun of something can wear off, just like studying for a class. If you have ever wondered how you can mix it up a little but to keep your interest here are a few ways to spice it up a bit to make studying more fun. You can do this by finding a new studying place. Studying in the same place can be a good thing if you need to have consistency, but finding a new table in the library or finding a new little coffee shop to study at can add a little pizzaz to the not so fun studying. Another thing you can do is adding a new study food or getting a coffee to pair with the 5 page paper you need to write. Adding a study food can also help with retention especially if you were to eat that food before the test. Once you eat that food and you start to learn new things, when you eat that same food, the likeliness of remembering the information if higher because of the connection between the two. Little things like these can add a little something to your study routine to keep you interested in your studies. 

Tip #2: Make A To-Do List
Making a list can be one of the most satisfying things to do, especially when you can check off something that you accomplished. When you make a list, make sure that you add little things that are easy such as, taking a break, eating a snack, sending an email, the feeling of accomplishing something like that can give you a little bit of motivation to continue on the list. If you only put big things that take forever on a list such as writing a paper, the task can seem too big to to and the feeling of discouragement can make it seem as though it isn't worth it. A suggestion for a task such as that could be that instead of writing down write a paper, break it up into smaller parts and pieces like, write the introduction, write the first topic, and so on. By making it seem more attainable, this can keep your motivation up and help you finish a hard project. 

Tip #3: Take Breaks
Ever crammed the night before a test? That's probably the one thing that everyone has done. It is scientifically proven that studying for a long period of time consecutively can be more harm than good. One way to help stop this from happening is staying on top of your study schedule. You can do this by after every class, review the material that you just learned and you will see that you find yourself remembering more than just trying to re-learn everything in one night. But we all know that cramming is inevitable and it will happen sometime, and when that sometime comes, taking breaks can help make it feel as though you didn't cram. If you hit this point try studying one thing for 30 minutes than taking a walk around the library, check your texts, or go make some ramen, this can make it feel as though you have not been studying for the past 4 hours even if you have. Breaking up studying times can really help you retain the information you have learned in the past 30 minutes than rather remembering the information you have learned in the past 4 hours. Taking a break does not need to be super long, a 5 minute one would do the trick, but breaks are a small way to make a big impact.

Spring break can seem so far away, but your motivation should not hinder. Make these next few weeks go by fast by keeping yourself busy with school, work, and friends. Once you get there, it will feel so much better knowing that you have worked hard to get there and have all of your homework done for the whole week. Keep your motivation high and work hard!

Alpha Phi